Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters

Jack Kerouac, 1944-45, New York. Photo by Allen Ginsberg.
Image courtesy Allen Ginsberg Project, © Allen Ginsberg Estate

“I think we none of us realize the importance, nay the sweetness, of admiration; it is one of the dying virtues of character.”
— Kerouac to Ginsberg, September, 1945

“Love is only a recognition of our own guilt and imperfection, and a supplication for forgiveness to the perfect beloved. This is why we love those who are more beautiful than ourselves, why we fear them, and why we must be unhappy lovers. When we make ourselves high priests of art we deceive ourselves again, art is like a genie. It is more powerful than ourselves, but only by virtue of ourselves does it exist and create.”
— Ginsberg to Kerouac, September, 1945