A Dictionary of Mad Men’s Signs and Symbols

The Draper kitchen: Domesticity; Don and Betty’s stable, suburban life

Don’s box of Dick Whitman stuff: Don’s double life; Don’s regrets

Don’s contract: Confinement, stability, commitment to the “Don Draper” identity

Don’s fedora: The epicenter of Don’s successful, put-together persona

Don’s valise: The possibility of starting over as someone else, somewhere new

Duck Phillips: All that is boring, stupid, privileged, and stuck up in the ad world; Pete in 20 years

Father Gill: Peggy’s Catholic guilt

Francine Hanson: The marital sob story that could await Betty

Freddy Rumsen: The death of the old-school adman

Grandpa Gene: Sally’s only true ally in the family

Greg, Joan’s husband: What “marrying well” meant in the early ’60s