10 Unlikely TV-Based Board Games

6. The All in the Family Game (1972)
Here’s how it works: The “MC” asks a “loaded” question and players write and anonymously submit their responses. Then, they match the answers to the person they think wrote them. Apparently, “You will find some players are so much like Archie (or Edith) that you can’t tell the difference.” What, you didn’t want to find out your dad was racist?

7. Kojak Detective Game (1975)
This sounds like a super-confusing version of Clue. But mostly, we just think anything involving Kojak is funny.

8. Welcome Back, Kotter: The Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose Game (1976)
What you need to know about this game is, the object is to complete the phrase “up your nose with a rubber hose.” That is just too wonderful for words.

9. Angel: The Board Game (2001)
The creators of this game were probably wise to assume that their audience would be right at home with the 20-sided die.

10. Full House Board Game (1992)
“Players travel around the board, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood collecting cards with pictures of character’s [sic] in the show.” If the game board really does represent the Tanners’ hometown of San Francisco, we’ll expect to find Joey in the Castro and Gibbler doing acid in Haight-Ashbury.