70 Things You Didn’t Know About John Lennon

31. As a teenager, Lennon once accepted a friend’s challenge to masturbate ten times in a single day. Lennon fell short at nine.

32. Later in life, Lennon became a cooking enthusiast, often making lunch for his entire staff of ten to twelve.

33. Lennon referred to Rubber Soul as “the pot album” and Revolver as “the acid album.”

34. The first time Yoko met Lennon, she didn’t know he was a Beatle.

35. At a college party, Lennon once punched another student for asking Lennon’s then-girlfriend, Cynthia Powell, to dance.

36. Lennon thought of the lyrics, “He’s a real nowhere man/Sitting in his nowhere land” while lying on his king-sized bed surrounded by possessions in his mansion.

37. When Yoko was pregnant in the hospital, Lennon put on a pair of pajamas and got into the vacant bed next to hers, holding her hand across the gap.

38. When Lennon moved into his West Village apartment, his next-door neighbor was experimental composer John Cage.

39. The most time Lennon spent with his first wife, Cynthia, since marrying her, was on a weekend dubbed “Operation Cynthia,” where Lennon planned to turn her on to LSD.

40. When Lennon played cowboys and indians as a child, he always wanted to be the indian. His hero was Sioux Chief Sitting Bull.