Design Porn: A Collection of Tasteful Skulls

While you can spot them in the celebrated work of famous visual artists like Dali, Picasso, Mapplethorpe, the use of skulls in the design world is admittedly more divisive. For some, they are a symbol that brings to mind pirate ships or poisonous substances; for others, tacky biker tattoos and trucker hats. But love ’em or hate ’em, the fact is that skulls have been used to symbolize death (and oddly, immortality) since ancient times, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. With Halloween and the Day of the Dead both right around the corner, we’ve decided to round up some of our favorite skull-related items for your viewing pleasure. Check them out, and as always, leave links to anything we’ve missed in the comments.

Braid Dead Rug by Timothy Liles [via designboom]

Spice Skull by Helen Altman [via Village Voice]

Laptop Case by Alexander McQueen [via Trendland]

Subversive Heirloom Quilt from Quiltsrÿche [via Apartment Therapy]

Pixel Shot Glasses by Diesel Sweeties

Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks by Stefan Strumbel [via PSFK]

Structural Skull Ring by Duann [via designboom]

Skull Hairband [via Pinterest]

Skel-a-mingos by Flamingo Pink [via Pinterest]

Correspondence Box with Skull Stationery by D.L. & Co. [via NOTCOT]