A Rock ‘n Roll Map of Manhattan

Bonus round (not pictured): The subway to Brooklyn
The great creative/trust fund migration east has generated its share of self-referential lyrics already – as, of course, has the subway over the years. We’ve combined them both here.

“You will all die in Williamsburg/Too hip to even clean your nose out…”
Armor For Sleep, “Williamsburg”
Awful song, but the lyrics are deadly accurate.

“The sun is down/You’ll act the clown/I’ll dance around/We’ll hit the town…”
Martha Wainwright, “GPT”
The Greenpoint Tavern is on Bedford and North 7th. It’s a terrible place.

“Do you recall that night/We took the L/Out into Bushwick/It was colder than hell…”
Delta Spirit, “Bushwick Blues”

“The subway is a porno/The pavements, they are a mess…”
Interpol, “NYC”

“Will I see you tonight/On a downtown train?/Every night is just the same/You leave me lonely now…”
Tom Waits, “Downtown Train”
Later covered by Rod Stewart. God help us all.