Six Fad Films That Missed the Boat

Lambada/The Forbidden Dance

So what’s better than a quickly-made cheapo movie about a second-tier song-and-dance craze? Two quickly-made cheapo movies about same, so frantic to beat each other to the screen that they end up opening on the same day! Lambada, if you’ve forgotten (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t) was a sexed-up Brazilian dance, equal parts merengue, salsa, and dry humping. Two rival filmmakers, attempting to cash in on the dance craze, turned their films out with remarkable speed — The Forbidden Dance, for example, went from script commission to prints-in-theaters in the space of about four months, with two editing crews cutting around the clock. Lambada brought an action before the MPAA title registry to get the “official” title for their epic, though The Forbidden Dance‘s posters got around that business by adding “…is Lambada!” as a post-title tag line. At any rate, it appeared that the filmmakers were the only ones who actually cared about seeing Lambada on the silver screen; they tanked with critics and audiences alike.

What do you think? Did we miss any flashes-in-the-pan that made it to the screen?