Oprah’s Top Literary Scandals

Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections

Although Freedom is new to Oprah’s Book Club, Jonathan Franzen, Time Magazine’s “Great American Novelist” is not. In 2001, his work The Corrections was picked for Oprah’s club — Franzen supposedly even engaged in B-roll footage and even sat down for an interview with Ms. Winfrey herself. However, in October, he showed signs of discomfort being a part of the “O” brand, worrying that a label of “corporate ownership” would discourage male readership — sparking a whole other controversy with not only the queen of daytime herself, but also feminists alike, resulting in Oprah revoking his book club membership, at least temporarily. The two mended ways in 2010, and Oprah threw his latest literary feat into the “lady” fire, just in time for her final season.