59 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Woolf

11. Some of Woolf’s first articles were published in The Guardian.

12. For a summer, she went mad believing that the birds were chirping in Greek and King Edward VII was uttering curses from behind nearby shrubbery.

13. When Woolf taught at Morley College, she made her students write essays about themselves.

14. Woolf delighted in the physical act of writing words on paper. From the age of 11, she was continually experimenting with different kinds of pens in hope of finding one that would provide the perfect sensation.

15. Woolf was an ardent fan of attending concerts and the opera.

16. At an early age, Woolf would torment her older sister, Vanessa, by scratching her nails against the wall.

17. As a teenager, Woolf became so terrified of people that she blushed when someone spoke to her and was incapable of looking strangers in the eye.

18. Early in her literary career, Woolf once remarked that the names of fictional characters were of little importance.

19. When separated from her sister, Vanessa, Woolf wrote letters to her daily.

20. For a time, Woolf considered marrying the British writer and fellow Bloomsbury Group-member Lytton Strachey, partially because he was a homosexual and she considered him more of a brother than a sexual partner.