59 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Woolf

21. One of the things Woolf disliked most in life was being peered at or having someone take her photograph.

22. In 1909, Woolf and others in the Bloomsbury Group invented fictional characters and attempted to write a novel by sending letters back and forth in the mail.

23. At the age of 27, Woolf admitted to being afraid of sex.

24. Woolf read and wrote compulsively to compensate for the fact that she lacked what she called “a real education,” meaning a university degree.

25. Woolf got the idea to write a sequel to A Room of One’s Own while lying in the bath.

26. Woolf once said she felt miserable for a full 24-hours after her brother-in-law, Clive Bell, made fun of her hat.

27. After getting married, Woolf thought she should learn some domestic skills, so she enrolled in a school of cookery. Shortly after, she accidentally baked her wedding ring in a suet pudding.

28. During the height of World War II, when it looked as if the Nazis would win, Woolf and her husband, Leonard, considered committing suicide via poisoning themselves with car exhaust. The couple kept a sufficient amount of petrol in their garage just in case.

29. Woolf was a difficult shopper, often arguing with shopkeepers over what products they had for sale and what products she imagined they should have for sale.

30. When Woolf was 13-years-old and her mother, Julia, had just died, she said it was “the greatest disaster that could happen.”