59 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Woolf

51. Woolf and her husband, Leonard, originally wanted to spend their honeymoon in Iceland, but because it was too late in the season, visited France and Spain, instead.

52. Despite Woolf’s growing reputation as an author and intellectual, she began supporting the feminist cause by spending hours upon hours writing addresses on envelopes.

53. Sometimes Woolf would write while sitting on an old armchair with a board of three-ply on her lap.

54. Woolf listened to Beethoven’s late quartets while writing The Waves.

55. Whenever Woolf’s husband, Leonard, would come in contact with a dog, he would shout at it until the animal felt dominated — after which Leonard would return to a calm state and befriend it.

56. When Woolf asked T.S. Eliot at a particular dinner party to define his belief in God, Eliot did not answer.

57. When Woolf’s comedy, Freshwater, was performed in 1935 at the studio of her sister, Vanessa, it’s said that Vanessa’s husband, Clive Bell, and his brother Cory laughed so hard that no one else in attendance could hear the dialogue.

58. In her early twenties, Woolf’s journal entries consisted of fastidious essays written as though for publication describing a day in the country or a night listening to music.

59. As a child, Woolf would tell nightly bedtime stories to the other children about the family next door, the Dilkes.