Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Impossible to Shop For Valentine

The Nerd

It’s not news to anyone that, in 2011, nerds are cool. So a glow-in-the-dark pocket protector or a snazzy mouse pad just isn’t going to cut it. (And come on: they all already own the Lord of the Rings box set.) This year, introduce some style into your geek’s life.

Google pillow 2010, $69 at Etsy

What better way to commemorate the year that was than with this attractive, typographical pillow bearing Google’s ten most popular search terms of 2010?

Space LEGO Smiley Helmet cufflinks, $19 at Etsy

For nerds who have to wear a suit to work, there’s no better gift than cufflinks that will remind them of their childhood (or, hey, current — we don’t judge) LEGO obsession.

8-bit flower bouquet, $15 at Think Geek

Roses last a few days, but 8-bit bouquets are forever. If your nerd is also a hopeless romantic, this gift should set her Nintendo-loving heart aflame.