The Best Literary Sex Scenes Not Penned by a Great Male Novelist

Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates

Anyone who grew up with this book knows the hidden pleasures in imagining yourself a part of a ragtag ’50s girl gang. Legs Sadovsky was the leader, but Maddy was her heart:

“This wild wild scene in the candlelit FOXFIRE chamber hidden from Others’ eyes in a third-floor room in a boarded-up warehouse out beyond Fairfax near the railroad yard, the FOXFIRE sisters were in a delirium of ecstasy worked up to a higher and higher and higher pitch on whiskey and those skinny parchment cigarettes that black guys called reefer and sold, anywhere you could find them, for a quarter apiece, the sight of blood made them more feverish so Maddy had the terrible thought, What if we lick blood? — what will stop us, then?”