The Best Literary Sex Scenes Not Penned by a Great Male Novelist

“The Hitchhiking Game” by Milan Kundera

A young couple go on a road trip and then decide try out new roles; the woman becomes a hitchhiker and the man pretends to pick her up.  This passage is a fantastic example of confidence before the fall — she’s rejected in the next paragraph, but really, does it matter?

“She had never undressed like this before. The shyness, the feeling of inner panic, the dizziness, all that she had always felt when undressing in front of the young man (and she couldn’t hide in the darkness), all this was gone. She was standing in front of him self-confident, insolent, bathed in light, and astonished at her sudden discovery of the gestures, heretofore unknown to her, of a slow provocative striptease. She took in his glances, slipping off each piece of clothing with a caressing movement and enjoying each individual stage of this exposure.”