10 of the MPAA’s Biggest Rating Mistakes

Titanic(Rated PG-13, 1997)

According to Slate’s article about the recent study of the MPAA’s track record, University of Maryland professor David Waguespack notes that the PG-13 film most likely to have received an R rating (between 1992 and 2006, anyway) was James Cameron’s Titanic. As Slate notes, “it includes a very excellent look at Kate Winslet’s breasts, bloody gunshots, an electrocution, many horrific drownings, many floating dead bodies, and a few obscenities. If you ignored that Titanic was distributed by Paramount and Fox (which together constitute one-third of the MPAA’s membership), then Titanic was 99 percent likely to get an R rating. And yet the movie got rated PG-13!” That same winter, Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter got an R rating for “sexuality and some language.” You would be hard-pressed to find anything in it that is more objectionable than what’s in Titanic. It’s a better movie, too.