71 Things You Didn’t Know About Tennessee Williams

41. Near the end of his life, Williams expressed interest in refilming A Streetcar Named Desire with Meryl Streep playing the part of Blanche DuBois.

42. In his first year of algebra, Williams earned a grade of 66%.

43. Williams first realized there might be something wrong with his older sister Rose, who would later be diagnosed with schizophrenia, when she entered his room and said, “Let’s all die together.”

44. Williams’ grandfather Walter Dakin was a reverend who had no qualms with Williams’ homosexuality.

45. Last year, the New York Post reported that Tennessee Williams did not die from choking on a nasal spray cap, as many believed, but from “Acute Seconal intolerance” as reported in the autopsy. Seconal is the brand name of a barbiturate.

46. As a boy, Williams once tried to steal some grapes from a fruit stand, but his father caught him in the act and slapped the boy’s hand. Williams never forgot the incident, and always admired his father’s adherence to “total honesty and total truth.”

47. Due to self-doubt, Williams would often not show up for critical rehearsals and meetings.

48. Williams once crossed into Mexico on a bicycle.

49. Like several writers before him, Williams found both inspiration and refuge in black coffee, sleeping pills, and alcohol.

50. Williams’ father considered his son weak, effeminate, and cowardly.