Affordable Art from Some of the World’s Most Famous Artists

10. Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Toxic Schizophrenia, 2007. Medium-colored ufo reflector caps, lamps and holders, 6mm foamex, vinyl and aerosol paint. 1997. © Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Image courtesy of Saatchi Gallery

In 2007, this piece by the art duo of Noble & Webster, also part of the YBA group with Tracey Emin, went for £300,000 (roughly $485,130) to art dealer Larry Gagosian at a Sotheby’s auction. Their flashy, fun lamp-lit works, reminiscent of the spirit of Warhol, and which have titles like “Golden Showers,” “Piss Off,” “Excessive Sensual Indulgence,” “Black Magic,” and “$” sell frequently in the six figures at auctions internationally and investigate themes of impermanence and immortality.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Tattoo Love. $5. Tattoo sheet comes with three different designs. Sold at Gagosian Gallery.

Why shell out all that cash — that you’ve been saving under your mattress for a large sculpture of glowing lights — when you can wear a Noble & Webster on your sleeve and explore impatience and immortality wherever you go? Best yet, by the time you’re sick of it, it’s already gone.