Affordable Art from Some of the World’s Most Famous Artists

11. Matthew Higgs and Martin Creed

Martin Creed. Work No. 275: Small Things. Soft white neon lights. 2001 © Martin Creed. Image courtesy of Christie’s. This piece sold at Christie’s in February 2007 for $78,000.

The Thing Issue 13 — Matthew Higgs and Martin Creed. $60. Available from The Thing. This issue of this object-based quarterly is a 12-inch vinyl 120 gram picture disk with Mathew Higgs on one side and Martin Creed on the other. The record holds one track by Martin Creed called ‘My Advice’ with words and music by Martin Creed.

We’re delighted by this collaboration between Matthew Higgs and Martin Creed, which is not their first. Higgs, artist and curator, is maybe best known in the contemporary art world for his press, Imprint 93, publishing a series of artist editions including work by Elizabeth Peyton, Chris Ofili and Martin Creed among many others and was known for his focus on artists other than the YBAs. He was listed #43 in Art Reviews 2010 Power 100 for his ambitious curatorial portfolio. Martin Creed is a conceptual artist from Glasgow who picked up the Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off, which was an empty room where the lights went on and off periodically. This collaboration between the two is a unique art object that would make a great addition to your vinyl collection. And we hear next issue of The Thing features James Franco, with whom the publication is also doing a limited edition project this summer, which will be 100 custom made Italian switchblades being pre-sold at $400. Whether or not James Franco is an “artist” is up for debate, but we can’t wait to do a little knife throwing.