An Alternative Syllabus for Understanding Corporate America

Food, Inc.

In 2006, Michael Pollan wrote the highly controversial, bestselling, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which brought the connections between food, environmentalism and politics into the mainstream. The book was eventually adapted into the movie Food Inc., which gained the local and organic movements even more attention. What was unique about both the book and the film was Pollan’s willingness to discuss the subtleties in the morality of our food choices, such as the drawbacks of the corporatization of organic food and the convoluted relationship between diabetes, fast food, farmers, corporations like Monsanto, and government farm subsidies. The film reveals a food system that is severely flawed, and is creating health and environmental problems the world over. Pollan does not offer a single solution, but rather suggests making small changes to our individual diets and food buying habits, and most importantly, encourages an awareness of where our food comes from and the processes through which it is produced.