America's 10 Best Indie Record Labels, Past and Present


Roster highlights: Bon Iver, Black Mountain, The Besnard Lakes, Sunset Rubdown

Founded in 1996 to release an album called Bombay Aloo, Jagjaguwar has grown into one of America’s most constantly fascinating labels. The label has enjoyed a close relationship with similarly excellent label Secretly Canadian over the years -– Jagjaguwar uses the Secretly Canadian distribution network and shares some of its staff -– but remains entirely independent. As with many of our favorite labels, the Jagjaguwar “sound” is difficult to define, encompassing everything from the stoner epics of Black Mountain to the globe-conquering neo-folk of Bon Iver. They also fulfilled what seems to be an indie label rite of passage in 2009 by releasing the most recent Dinosaur Jr. record.