33 Women Music Critics You Need to Read

Kandia Crazy Horse

Take your pick of what’s more impressive: an editor at Creative Loafing and the Village Voice or the author of Rip It Up: The Black Experience in Rock & Roll or a writer who received a fellowship from Princeton University. How about someone who’s done all of that? Crazy Horse has an impressive bead not only on Southern Rock but also the racial politics of music, not to mention an unabashed, unapologetic, unique writing style to go along with it. On top of that, she’s known to style some pretty funky hats where ever she roams.

Adrienne Day

Another Columbia graduate who’s put her degree to good use, Day’s work encompasses many sides of media. She spent two years (’06 to ’08) as a senior editor at Entertainment Weekly where she also penned a number of impressive entries in their PopWatch column, covering everything from music to TV to cartoons with a unique personal flair. She then went on to work for Fuse TV for a year as their Director of Online programming. She now fills her time with freelance work, including pieces for the Village Voice (see her moving tribute to LCD Soundsystem) and The New York Times (see her interesting article on techno-tourism). Needless to say, dance music is a specialty of hers.

Jeanne Fury

A former NY Rock regular/columnist, the well-named Fury (not her birth name, natch) has become a feisty chronicler of the punk and metal scenes. You can now find her no-holds-barred prose at New York magazine, Decibel, and Newsday, among other places. Her take on why Decibel did a 2010 year-end album list along with other magazines: “Because 99 percent of those chucklefucks have god-awful and/or banal taste in everything, and approximately zero dB staffers power-jizzed our collective denim diaper over the Kanye West album.” Yow!