33 Women Music Critics You Need to Read

Evie Nagy

With a background of studies at Princeton, NYU, and Harvard, you’d expect someone like Nagy to go far, and that she did. Alongside numerous freelance gigs, Nagy (who’s got a nice website) took on the task of Associate Editor for Billboard‘s Special Features section in 2007, as well as writing up reviews, interviews, and important how-to guides aimed at artists. Last fall, she took an even bigger leap, becoming the editor of the newly-formed subscription based Billboard Pro site, which provides specialized data, tracking information, and aggregators for up-and-coming artists. Nagy also runs a comics-obsessed blog/podcast to feed her “adult-onset superhero comic book habit.” And in a late breaking update, Navy is just about to become managing editor of RollingStone.com. Small wonder that she was one of the scribes who was tapped to do an afterward for the recent Ellen Willis anthology.

Anne Hilde Neset

Though its tagline is “Adventures in Modern Music,” everyone who has any interest in avant garde music knows that The Wire is the bible for that genre. Now going on her tenth year as a contributor, Neset now serves as the deputy editor, handling (among other things) the online and live review sections. She’s also been the genial and knowledgeable host of the magazine’s online music show “The Wire On Air” and interrogated assorted musicians about music she selects secretly beforehand in the ongoing series “Invisible Jukebox.”

Lara Pellegrinelli

Armed with a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Harvard, Pellegrinelli’s been well-equipped to take on the academic and writing worlds. Along with her teaching work at Princeton’s Jazz Department (where she covers “the evolution of jazz styles”), her work’s been included in the Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, and Time Out New York. Especially notable is her series for Jazz Times on lesser known women in the field and her ongoing stint for NPR’s A Blog Supreme, which started last year and has included a moving tribute to Abbey Lincoln.