Photo Gallery: Gregg Segal’s ‘Domestic’ Superheroes

For his series Super Heroes, photographer Gregg Segal followed the men and women who dress up as characters outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood to find out what their far less glamorous, off-duty lives look like. The resulting images — which include Superman vacuuming his apartment and Wonder Woman sweeping her backyard — are amusing, but as Segal explains, they also reveal a possible impetus behind the career choice.

“While I photographed Batman, a family pulled over to take his picture,” he writes. “He strode up to them with super hero confidence and the children approached him with awe. He was Batman because he was Batman to them. Then later, in his apartment, when he’d taken off his mask and cape and was reheating leftovers in the microwave, he was merely ordinary. I could see what drew him back to Hollywood Boulevard.” Click through for some of our favorite photos from the series.

Courtesy of Gregg Segal