Fear of Flying: The Top 10 Artworks of Airplanes

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer travel season, and while some of us may prefer to travel by car, others are currently printing out boarding passes and heading to the airport for a exciting journey to an exotic place. Since summer invites the discovery of cultural capitals and exploration of distant sites, we’ve assembled a lively mix of art about airplanes — ranging from Andy Warhol’s painting of a newspaper headline of a plane crash in France and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s expressionistic canvas of a plane flying over a city skyline to Hiraki Sawa’s video still of miniature jets flying around his apartment and Tom Sachs’ DIY reconstruction of a complete airplane lavatory — to help you overcome any possible fears of flying and to get you planning where the next walk through airport security will take you. Enjoy!

Chi Peng, Sprinting forward-2, 2004, Groninger Museum

Growing up under China’s one-child policy, Chi Peng digitally multiplies himself in this photo to create playmates that are carefree while still chased by government forces represented by a fictional fleet of red planes.