Readers’ Choice: More of the Best Movie Theaters in America

The Oriental, Milwaukee, WI

“Where’s the Oriental in Milwaukee and the Orpheum in Madison, WI???????” – William Dais
The Oriental in Milwaukee is an old school movie palace–lions and Buddhas and pipe organs. (oh my).” – Marni Chan

The Oriental dates clear back to 1927, and in sharp contrast to many of our other favorites, has shown films continuously for (as their website proudly proclaims) “84 years solid.” Operated by the art-house Landmark chain since 1976, the Oriental sports all of the original design elements, a Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ, a full-service bar, and weekend midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show — in fact, the Oriental is the record holder for longest continuous run of the film in America (it’s been playing there since January 1978).

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