Readers’ Choice: More of the Best Movie Theaters in America

The Hi-Pointe, St. Louis, MO

“What about the Tivoli AND Hi-Pointe Theaters in St. Louis???” – greenetoile
“St. Louis gets no love? What about the Moolah Theatre with it’s full bar, couches, and lounge? Or the Hi-Pointe with its classic feel and location. Lame!” – Moviefan87

Lame indeed, Moviefan87. The Hi-Pointe is St. Louis’s oldest continuously-operating movie house, built in 1922 in the historic Hi-Pointe district and originally operated by the Warner Brothers Circuit. A few other chains followed, but the venue has been owned since the 1970s by George and Georgia James; these days, they screen first-run movies at discount prices (five bucks a ticket on weekdays), and we hear the popcorn can’t be beat.