The Top 10 "It" Girls of the 1960s

Edie Sedgwick

The ‘60s don’t get much more “It” than Warhol factory star and socialite Edie Sedgwick. A whole universe of ladies who got discovered for nothing more than being fabulous owe their trajectory to Edie. Andy Warhol’s films and social circle may have made her famous, but the general consensus is she had that certain special something from the start. In fact, that is reportedly why Chuck Wein introduced her to Andy after they both left Cambridge. She had her heart broken by ‘60s icon Bob Dylan (who failed to tell her he was married), a family history of mental illness, and a vibrant modeling career that surpassed her underground film career. She’ll always be remembered as one of The Factory’s greatest stars, but the kind of circles Edie traveled in were much bigger than Poor Little Rich Girl.