10 Great Books about Music by Female Writers

Amy Raphael, Never Mind the Bollocks: Women Rewrite Rock

A staple on the bookshelf of ’90s teens who liked grunge, former The Face editor and current Guardian critic Amy Raphael’s 1995 book (published in the US as Grrrls: Viva Rock Divas, for some reason) is a series of interviews with a heap of ’90s luminaries like Kim Gordon, Courtney Love, Kristin Hersh, Liz Phair, and Björk, along with other contemporaries who time has sadly already begun to forget (Huggy Bear, Echobelly, The Raincoats). The interviews are presented as monologues, with Raphael largely staying out of her subjects’ way, deftly drawing anecdotes and insights out of them and then allowing them to express themselves.