10 Rock Photographers You Should Know

Pennie Smith, London Calling

Pennie Smith

Even if you don’t know Pennie Smith by name, we can pretty much guarantee you’ve appreciated her work. Yes, she’s responsible for the image above, taken at New York’s Palladium in 1979, which graces the cover of The Clash’s London Calling. Smith got into music photography in the early ’70s and spent several years as an NME staffer and has covered just about every important British act since, from Led Zeppelin to Siouxsie and the Banshees to Radiohead. Her black-and-white photos lend a mythical quality to the musicians she captures, both on stage and in posed portraits.

Although the only book she’s published, 1981’s The Clash Before & After, seems to be out of print and we couldn’t find a homepage for her, either, a few of her prints are available for purchase here.