10 Rock Photographers You Should Know

Kerstin Rodgers, Sweaty Tina

Kerstin Rodgers

You’d think being a rock photographer would be a cool enough job, but no — Kerstin Rodgers has had two careers that make us jealous. Not only has she snapped everyone from early Cocteau Twins to latter-day Leonard Cohen, capturing the gorgeously composed Tina Turner photo above, but she’s also behind a joint called The Underground Restaurant in London that’s so popular she recently published a book of recipes from it. We love her pictures for the same reason we’d probably enjoy her supper club — they feel intimate, even when their subjects (a young Henry Rollins, say) normally seem incapable of vulnerability.

Peruse Rodgers’s music photos — along with a portrait of French and Saunders, a shot of Peruvian witches, tons of food, and a whole lot more  — at her website.