In Defense of the New Spider-Man: 10 Great Superheroes of Color


The concept of a multicultural league of superheroes was explored early on in the lore of Batman — the Batmen of All Nations featured various men inspired by Batman to fight crime in their respective countries, including the Sioux Man-of-Bats and the Argentine El Gaucho. Legendary writer Grant Morrison revived the idea in the ongoing Batman Incorporated. The series sees the Dark Knight franchising his alter ego, creating and commanding a global team of heroes. In a controversial move, writer David Hine chose Nightrunner, an Algerian Sunni Muslim superhero skilled at parkour, to be the Batman of Paris. While the choice sent right-wing bloggers into a tizzy, Hine’s storyline was thoughtful and timely — France’s immigrant unrest became the hero’s incentive to take action and rise above random acts of violence. Despite conservative fears, Nightrunner is an unbiased symbol of peace and justice.