10 Cult Filmmakers Everyone Should Know

Doris Wishman

Sometimes called “the female Ed Wood,” Doris Wishman was more like a combination of Wood and Russ Meyer. A sexploitation legend and one of very few women cult filmmakers, she’s best known for her cheap, absurd, and often laugh-out-loud funny early-’60s “nudist” movies. And Wishman only became more interesting as her career progressed — in the ’70s, she found a muse in Chesty Morgan (who earned her name with a 73-inch bust), and made Let Me Die a Woman, a documentary on transsexualism, in 1978. Although she retired a few years later, a revival of interest in her work led Wishman to return to filmmaking before she died, at 90, in 2002. Her final movie, bless her soul, was called Dildo Heaven.

Suggested viewing: Nude on the Moon, Bad Girls Go to Hell, The Sex Perils of Paulette (trailer above), Let Me Die a Woman