10 Famous Weird Pets in History

Before pocket-sized puppies became the norm amongst the rich and famous, alligators and drunken deer could be found mingling at gatherings of noblemen and politicians. These strange pets were quirky sidekicks rather than illegal domestic beasts, providing unlikely friendship to some of history’s most influential figures. And that tradition isn’t entirely in the past — even now, celebrities will occasionally defy the teacup-poodle norm to join the ranks of our bizarre pet-owning forefathers (and raise their Los Angeles neighbors’ eyebrows in the process). Check out some lions, tigers, and bears after the jump.

Tycho Brahe’s moose

Aside from having a stellar mustache, 16th century astronomer Tycho Brahe had a pet moose. But this wasn’t just any old moose — it was known to roam free during parties and consume more alcohol than its human counterparts. One evening, the animal allegedly drank too much beer with dinner, fell down the stairs, and died. Moral of the story – kids, don’t let your pet moose upstairs.