10 Literary Road Trips from Tony D’Souza

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Places traveled: Las Vegas, the desert, the subconscious

As Raoul and Dr. Gonzo flee one escapade after another high on a laundry list of drugs, the extreme
nature of their visions underline the basic goal we’re all in search of when looking for a change in scenery: we’re also hoping to undergo change ourselves. Every road trip is therefore a quest for something greater. There are so many ways to interpret Thompson, but there’s no doubt that he hated essential things about America. While a lot of this book does take place in the car, its ideas and accusations about American mercantilism, hedonism, arrogance, and gluttony make a bold, sobering statement: though we have vehicles, money, and roads aplenty, there is no escape from who we are. Since you can’t drive fast enough to get away from America, the only option left is to be messed up.