10 Books Deemed Too Dangerous to Read

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

We featured Frey in our previous “Literary Outlaws” post because of his embellishment of details in his 2003 memoir, A Million Little Pieces. Three years later, The Smoking Gun ran an article denouncing Frey for fabricating his criminal past. TSG writes, “The closest Frey has ever come to a jail cell was the few unshackled hours he once spent in a small Ohio police headquarters waiting for a buddy to post $733 cash bond.” Frey apologized to Oprah soon after the article came out, but still attempted to defend himself, saying, “In order to get through the experience of the addiction, I thought of myself as being tougher than I was and badder than I was — and it helped me cope. When I was writing the book … instead of being as introspective as I should have been, I clung to that image.” Oprah wasn’t having it, though.

Deemed: Fraudulent!