Nigh✝: A DJ Mix for Your Witch House Halloween Party

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good Halloween party. Costumes, drinks, general merriment of a creepy sort. Music can make or break your Halloween party; we know this, and that’s why we’ve already offered you some gruesome songs for your Halloween playlist. Perhaps, though, you’re the rare breed who wants things even darker than Nick Cave (and there isn’t much that’s darker than Nick Cave). Or possibly you’re using the occasion of Halloween to celebrate the remarkable achievements in witch house this year. Or maybe you just want to keep kids from ringing your doorbell. Regardless, your author, who’s in the midst of writing a book on the witch house scene, has handcrafted a spooky mix of dark, new songs for your Halloween party brooding. From the opening haunted house drones of The Haxan Cloak through the shocking zombification of Brooklyn’s own Class Actress, this is the soundtrack of nightmares. Don’t worry, though, there’s a chance to dance at the end.

Nigh✝ track list:
1. The Haxan Cloak — “Hounfour”
2. Mater Suspiria Vision — “Seance Infernale”
3. Class Actress — “Journal of Ardency” (spf5Ø drag)
4. 6V6 — “Le Bosquet Des 1000 Vice”
5. Fever Ray — “Stranger Than Kindness”
6. M83 — “Car Chase Terror”/The Golden Filter — “Kill Me”
7. Unicorn Kid vs. Justin Bieber — “One Time”