10 Female DJs You Should Know

It’s depressing to see that it’s not just the guitar-oriented end of the musical spectrum that’s a complete sausage fest at times. Last week, DJ Mag published its annual reader-voted Top 100 DJ list, the results of which were entirely predictable for two reasons: a) the top spots were dominated by dire low countries trance and Eurohouse DJs and b) there were no women featured. At all. Not one. We’re not the only ones to have noted this — Peaches, bless her, took to her Facebook page to proclaim “DJ Mag! Your Top 100 DJ boy club list can eat a dick! Where the ladies at???”

In fairness, the fact that there’s no women is far from the only thing wrong with the whole thing —  the fact that the godawful David Guetta is #1 gives an indication of what we’re dealing with, as does the absence of the likes of Lindstrøm, Ricardo Villalobos, etc. — but anyway, despite the fact that not being on such a weak list is probably a perverse mark of pride, we thought we’d take the opportunity to laud the work of some female DJs who we reckon are right up there with the best. (And by the way, before anyone gets all pissy about the difference between DJs and producers, we’ve included live footage where we could find it, and productions where we couldn’t.)

Ellen Allien

One of the mainstays of the ever-abundant Berlin techno scene, Allien has been responsible for founding BPitch Records, releasing six artist albums and a slew of remixes, playing floor-destroying DJ sets all over the world, and generally being awesome for over a decade now. None of this, however, is good enough for DJ Mag voters, who apparently rate Boy George (#91), Bloody Beetroots (#86), and Skrillex (#19) above her, despite the fact that none of them are actually, y’know, DJs. Sigh.

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Miss Tara releases the brand-new single 'Hot Blood' exclusively on Beatport  

Miami, March 17th, 2014: DJ and producer Miss Tara announced on March. 24th, that she will be dropping a bomb with the exclusive release of, Hot Blood on Beatport. 

Delivering in perfect tandem with the Winter Music Conference & Ultra Music Festival, the track Hot Bloodsigned by Bonnies Records has already attracted the attention of notable artists who showcased the track in their podcast sets the day of its release. Fans will be able to find Hot Blood exclusively at Beatport.com here.

Miss Tara’s newest release, ‘Hot Blood’ grasps a pumping house electro sound paired with a catchy organic refrain, holding a definitive “festival-favorite” feel. Illustrating her artistic range as a producer by appealing to a variety of international listeners, Miss Tara is making her pace at the forefront of electronic dance music with her ability to deliver irresistible sexy house… and more is going to be announced in few weeks.

At 26 years old, DJ and producer, Miss Tara is making an indelible mark on the music industry today by becoming an emerging figure in the fusion between mainstream and electronic dance scene. Being part of the EDM family spanning the globe, the artist will be seen at the Ultra Music Festival this year.

Miss Tara will kick off a world tour in support of Hot Blood in the spring.

About Miss Tara

Playing piano at the age of 8 and studying theory, MissTara was launched into the world of classical music. Soon after, it was obvious classical music alone was not enough to calm down this energetic little girl. She quickly develops a passion for Dance music.

Staying in her room, playing loud music and dancing in front of the mirror for hours, would make her parents surprise sometimes.

Now MissTara represents a new wave of DJ’s leading the pack with her intense stage presence and showmanship. Beginning her DJ career in Paris and then Miami, landing a residency at Nikki Beach, playing at premier events in Europe and Canada such as Hed Kandi

parties, Tara started to make a name for herself in the electronic music scene.

When she is not performing, she is probably working her magic in the studio producing her original tracks. As an international model and Miss Universe Canada candidate, Tara understands the importance of exhibiting fashion and visuals on the stage, always resulting in great performances.

She sure knows the art of entertaining a crowd through song selection and unique shows. With dynamic présence on stage, she’s known for dancing all night. Her dance floor never stops moving as her transcendent tracks, sexy style, and endless energy inject the floor with constant adrenaline. With blends of Electro, Tech and Funky house, she grips you with the deep and the dark.

Eat, sleep and breathe music by experiencing a one of a kind Miss Tara performance.

Tara dreams of having a giraffe in her backyard, but in defiance of her head being stuck in the clouds, she has both feet set firmly on the ground.

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