10 Records That Prove the Live Album Isn’t Dead… Yet

Daft Punk — Alive 2007

Harder, better, faster, stronger… all adjectives that could quite happily be applied to the evolution of Daft Punk’s live show over the years. We recently stumbled across this video of the unmasked, fresh-faced duo raving it up for a crowd in Wisconsin during their first-ever US appearance — it’s hard to believe that barely ten years later, they were putting on perhaps the most extravagant live show that electronic music has ever seen. But even setting aside the Tron helmets, the pyramid, and the the über-theatrical nature of the whole thing, Alive 2007 shows that the one thing that’s never changed is the duo’s ability to please a crowd. Just listen to the masses go batshit when the iconic synthline of “Da Funk” drops at about 1:15.