Trailer Park: Cops, Corman, and Our Old Friend Eddie

Snow White and the Huntsman

The “Snow White” story is inexplicably being “re-imagined” for something like twelve different projects right now, in a nice two-pronged example of the total disinterest in new ideas that defines our current Hollywood. Contrary to the earlier version of this post (apologies), this is not the work of Tarsem Singh (his “Snow White” pic is “Mirror, Mirror”), though director Rupert Sanders’s lush imagery could certainly be mistaken for Tarsem’s; the trailer’s also got plenty of vampy Charlize Theron and barely mentions Kristen Stewart. So, nice work, marketing team! On the other hand, it does also blast that it’s “from the producer of Alice in Wonderland,” conjuring up visions of not only that particular Tim Burton bucket of swill, but of Stewart’s Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke’s unfortunate Red Riding Hood. Point is, these “dark twist on a fairy tale” movies have a tendency to be, well, awful, but maybe this one can play.