Trailer Park: ‘Haywire’ > ‘Hunger Games’

Welcome to “Trailer Park,” our regular Friday feature where we collect the week’s new trailers all in one place and do a little “judging a book by its cover,” ranking them from worst to best and taking our best guess at what they may be hiding. We’ve got seven new trailers this week, including, yes, Hunger Games; check ’em out after the jump.

Catch .44

Last month, those who were paying attention were a little surprised by the release pattern of Trespass, a Nicolas Cage/Nicole Kidman vehicle that hit DVD about two weeks after its ten-city theatrical release. Then people started seeing Trespass, and it all made sense. Which brings us to Catch .44, which will open in New York and Charlotte, North Carolina on December 9th (ah, the lucrative “New York and Charlotte” platform release) before its DVD and Blu-ray release eleven days later. And we would never dream of judging a movie based solely on its trailer, but it doesn’t look like the non-NY-and-Charlotte markets will be missing much; in spite of Bruce Willis with bad facial hair and Forest Whitaker with bad accent (accents?), this appears to be yet another faux-Tarantino, Guy Ritchie-lite, foul-mouthed crime caper action/comedy. People are still making those?