The Worst January Film Releases of All Time

RELEASE DATE: January 6, 2006
IN BRIEF: And Uwe Boll makes his first appearance on our list. The modern-day Ed Wood’s 2006 adaptation of the 2002 video game featured the filmmaker’s usual assortment of C-listers: Michael Madsen, Billy Zane, Meat Loaf, Terminator 3 babe Kristanna Loken. But the promise of a hefty payday was also enough to lure Sir Ben Kingsley into Boll’s clutches, as villainous “Vampire King Kagan.”
THE CRITICS RAVE: “Who is Uwe Boll and why does he hate moviegoers so? The German hack, the one-man Blitzkrieg of Bad, is the worst filmmaker in the movies today” (Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel); “Just when you thought camp was dead, along comes this bizarre cross between a Tarantino knockoff and a Hammer horror film” (Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader); “How fitting that director Uwe Boll (House of the Dead) would choose a vampire flick as his latest project — the man has a career that, despite the horror he continually inflicts on innocent moviegoers, simply will not die” (Elizabeth Weitzmann, New York Daily News).


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