Trailer Park: Coming of Age and Going to War

Welcome to “Trailer Park,” our regular Friday feature where we collect the week’s new trailers all in one place and do a little “judging a book by its cover,” ranking them from worst to best and taking our best guess at what they may be hiding. We’ve got seven new trailers for you this week; check ’em all out after the jump.

Girl in Progress

Eva Mendes is an actress who seldom seems to appear in films as smart or funny as she is; her latest doesn’t look to break that trend. It’s hard to say whether they’re just being self-aware when the writing teacher (Patricia Arquette) pops up to give the definition of a “coming of age story,” but there’s little sign that they’re going to bust that trope here — we can’t shake the feeling that we’ve seen this movie many, many times before, and aren’t burning with desire to see it again.