10 New Must-Reads for February

Now that the year is fully under way, it’s time to buckle down, stick to your New Year’s resolutions and get some books checked off your list. If you’re thinking longingly of the television, take heart: this month, you will be dazzled by hilarious debuts, lyrical fantasies, searingly truthful short stories, and of course, Michael Ian Black. Click through to check out the ten new releases we’re most excited about this month, and let us know which ones you can’t wait to pick up in the comments.

No One Is Here Except All of Us, Ramona Ausubel (February 2)

In 1939, the residents of a tiny Jewish village in Romania are panicking, feeling the inevitable crush of war and death just around the corner, until an 11-year-old girl and a mysterious man wash up on shore and suggest that they simply reinvent their world. That is, that they completely forget everything that ties them to the reality they currently know — history, future, jobs, family — and begin again. If only the real world didn’t continue to exist parallel to their reinvented one. As the author herself explained, the novel considers the immense questions of “God and faith, war and survival, the history of the world. All answered, of course!”