10 Movies That Would Make Great Theme Parties

Project X premieres today, and despite the hype promising the teen party movie to end all teen party movies, it’s getting pretty dismal reviews. And while we probably could have predicted it would be a disappointment from the previews, we can’t say we’re not a little sad about it — after all, no one likes a good film about mindless revelry more than we do. Luckily, Project X did get us thinking about a better way to combine pictures and parties, and we’ve compiled a list of movies that would make for awesome theme bashes of all kinds. We’ve skipped some of the more obvious picks — Harry Potter, The Big Lebowski — but the brave hosts among you will find inspiration to recreate ’20s Paris, throw a lavish Italian dinner party, or bathe your guests in Lynchian neo-noir, after the jump. Add your own movie-inspired theme party ideas in the comments.

Midnight in Paris

The party begins at midnight, of course, and everyone has to dress as their favorite 1920s Parisian expat (although a cheeky few could get away with Belle Époque fashion). The place is decorated like a bohemian haunt in Montmartre — the neighborhood where Picasso and Dalí were known to hang out — and the soundtrack is pure old-school jazz. While there’s plenty of booze on offer, you’ll want to veto any contributions of wine as a preemptive strike against vino snobs like Paul.