The Future, as Predicted by '90s Cartoons

Remember those flash-forward episodes of your favorite ’90s cartoons? Y’know, the ones that showed the characters’ lives a couple decades down the road, living amongst hover cars and flying by jet packs? Well, we recently realized something mind-boggling — we’re currently living in the same time as most of those über-futuristic cartoon sequences. When a psychic showed Lisa Simpson her fate, we learned that robot employees would be commonplace in 2010. When the Rocko’s Modern Life gang traveled in time, we found a land of rocket cars and “transportators” in 2013. Needless to say, we’re a little behind. Click through for a blast from the past, a sneak peek at the future, and a lesson in what our modern world should be by now, according to ’90s cartoons.

The Simpsons, “Lisa’s Wedding” (1995)

In the future…

*Note: “The future” in this episode is 2010.

People will use a “Picturephone” to communicate with loved ones.

Elementary school classes will be taught by televisions.

Dive bars will have virtual darts.

All librarians will be robots.


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