10 Underrated Band Members Who Deserve Your Attention

We’ve written several times over the last couple of months about how much we’ve been looking forward to Lee Ranaldo’s solo album Between the Times and the Tides, and how much we’ve been enjoying it now we’ve heard it in full. It’s a welcome step into the spotlight for Ranaldo, a man long-appreciated for his startlingly innovative approach to the guitar, but perhaps less so for his songwriting talents and vocals. The arrival this week of Between the Times and the Tides has gotten us thinking about other musicians who’ve perhaps been overlooked in comparison to more prominent band mates. Click through for a selection of our favorites, and let us know who you think deserves a place in the sun.

Lee Ranaldo

We mentioned a while back that we considered Ranaldo’s songwriting to be Sonic Youth’s secret weapon — apart from his immediate talents as a guitarist, he’s a fine lyricist and a pretty decent singer to boot. It’s excellent to see him exercising the full breadth of his talents on Between the Times and the Tides.