Which HBO Series Has the Creepiest Sex Scenes?

9. The Sopranos

Even if so much of the show hadn’t been set in a strip club, there still would have been a lot of widely varied sex on The Sopranos. But, to their credit, the writers generally avoided freaking us out by working the steamy scenes into the plot so that we rarely got a context-free cringe-fest. As the blog Writing Women points out, the series highlighted the difference between Tony and his associates’ treatment of the ladies they love and those they objectify: “With the women they love, such as their wives and girlfriends, the Soprano men, but most notably Tony, engage in intimate and tender lovemaking. With paid professionals, such as call girls and strippers, pleasure is involved, but it’s primarily a business deal. It’s no secret that Tony Soprano sleeps around but he only engage in certain sex acts with a specific type of woman.”