Which HBO Series Has the Creepiest Sex Scenes?

Girls is a hyper-realistic comedy set in present-day New York. Game of Thrones, by contrast, takes place in a fantasy world of castles, dragons, and knights. But they both have one thing in common, aside from the fact that they both air Sunday nights on HBO: creepy sex. Their strange convergence got us thinking about how often we come away from an evening of high-quality premium cable feeling a bit scarred by all the bizarre sexual contact we’ve witnessed. To try and quantify the damage that’s been done to our impressionable minds, we’ve ranked ten of its best-known series to determine, once and for all, which HBO show has the creepiest sex scenes. Let us know if you agree.

10. Six Feet Under

It’s weird to think that Alan Ball went on to create True Blood after helming Six Feet Under, not least because the latter was basically the opposite of a fantasy. For the most part, sex on this death-obsessed series was realistic and plot-driven. There were times when it got a little weird — there was Brenda’s sex addiction, which led to everything from threesomes to play parties, and David’s brief foray into the bar scene — but never without a good reason. We consider Six Feet Under to be the gold standard for non-creepy sex on HBO and proof that you don’t have to gross people out to get them talking.