10 Fictional Characters You Probably Didn't Know Were Based on Real People

Lucy from 50 First Dates, based on Michelle Philpots

50 First Dates seemed so unbelievable, didn’t it? How likely is it that someone would have her short-term memory erased to the point that she was living the same day every day? Well, don’t voice those concerns to Michelle Philpots, a British woman who lost her short-term memory in 1994 as a result of two car crashes and who has to wake up every morning to a wealth of post-it notes telling her what to expect. She doesn’t even remember her marriage to a man named Ian, although, as he told the Daily Mail, “I’ve known her for 25 years so I am lucky we met before she had the accidents because she can remember me. Luckily we have lots of photos to remind her, otherwise she would forget it all.” Well, that’s a little less creepy than the end of the Adam Sandler movie, we guess.