This Week in Trailers: Meryl, Medea, "Mansome" and More!


This dark comedy/thriller from director Derick Martini (who made 2008’s underrated Lymelife) got some scathing notices when it played at Toronto last fall, but this trailer has piqued our interest; we’ll see just about anything Chloe Grace Moretz does, and while her co-stars Eddie Remanye and Blake Lively don’t usually set the screen on fire, Alec Baldwin’s supporting presence is always reassuring. That tactic of just tossing adjectives onscreen isn’t terribly comforting (possible interpretation: this film got terrible reviews, and here’s the words we wished they’d have used to describe it), but we’re still gonna check this one out at some point, if for no other reason than to see what Ms. Moretz can do with a full-on leading role.